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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  June 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a bigger problem in the area. we are talking about a proposal that could be on the november ballot. 5:00 on the nose now. we are on the scene of a developing story in the east bay. a suspicious fire burns a vacant house. police say that squatters may have caused the fire. the good news is that the fire have been cleared up. it happened overnight. the house is now completely boarded up. it was a bit different story earlier this morning. we have some footage of the scene. contra costa fire department say
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it started at 430 praye it started in the attic. firefighters had kept the tigers cut holes through the roof. police say it was relatively easy test put out. got up into the attic and we had a ventilated. we were able to have been successfully put out. the fact that it was in that it means that it was just contain to that area. there are calling it a suspicious fire. the house is in foreclosures. officials say that it may have been the cause by squatters.
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it was a bad results happened because of these squatters coming in to be foreclosed homes. beginning next month the ease contra costa fire district will close out of its five stations because of budget constraints. in a narrow five to four votes, the most discouraging thing about the defeat was that they did not play fair. they like to the public. 43 firefighters will also lose their jobs. the remaining engines will now be stopped with three firefighters each.
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allan park will be closed today. rangers are concerned because of the high temperatures and humidity. things are back to normal and one san francisco neighborhood after a search for it explosives coulpolice say it started when a woman who worked for the federal reserve had a side psychiatric breakdown. police declared that place save as of 1 this morning. we set is in berkeley with more in a fight over sidewalks six
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sitting. it appears to be some squatters just hanging around. i don't know if they're just sitting on the sidewalk. city leaders say it is in coefficient. because they said that to they just up when they seek officers walked by parad. a homeless advocates demanded a petition to the city with over 100 signatures by those who oppose the measure appeare.
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in this auditemperatures will sl a little bit and some spots. it got hot and some spots yesterday prayed some pettifog has moved in along the coastline. mostly clear throughout the bay though. i speak as we head to the date is maybe some nice weather. 84 degrees in san francisco. we have some hot temperatures in land. about four to 13 degrees warmer trad.
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87 degrees at around seven as they. the some 37 connecting the up with them on 01, it looks like delays are easing up as you work your way through there coul. jumping over to the east bay at house street look for road construction. was to pass their things and looking pretty clear it toward the bay bridge. that is a look at your morning drive. the project known as the central subway. it will be under the ender
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section up for the embedded streak. take a good look at this intersection because it's as good as its board to look for a long time. this is ground zero for the central subway project. there'll be major traffic construction along this road. this will be for the next seven years. this area will be known as the launch rod. complete in seven years it will be from chinatown. north beach residents are quite it upset to. they're upset to because they want it to come all the way
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up from chinatown to them. yes they would like a stop in north beach in the traffic is going to affect them. san francisco police are asking for help in finding a killer who was apparently in the bay to breakers race. the 31 year-old was taken off life-support, he has been on it since he was punched at the race, a bay to breakers. anything that anyone has that they think might be useful, we will take it. they say the argument was
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over a cell phone. the program targets 300 city blocks. there are urban strategy council say only 20 percent of those crimes happened in the most violent 100 block. the 43 year-old woman from three months was injured yesterday morning. she apparently came done is the line and had a bad landing on top of the tower. and ramos was sentenced to life in prison without parole. he claims that heat drove the suspect's car that was not the shooter. there is not a day that goes
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by that it's not on my mind. if i could go back in time and change things, i would. supporters of the victims' families were also inside the courtroom. the defense for rommel's plans to appeal the decision. officers formed a home yesterday afternoon believing this mom take leonard was inside coul. today congress will question eric holder over leaks of classified information. senator john mccain is above those who believe that the
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president's administration like those information to get him reelected. the plan from the governor includes major welfare cuts. a majority of democrats want to restore the money and cut the reserve fund instead. kincaid died from a lethal level of alcohol and his silicon home. the mercury news reports that they girlfriend has produced and written notes that kincaid wrote giving hurt to million dollars and the house. and a possible connection between plot in cancer. and she grew up with them,
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the sister of steve jobs,,,,,,,,
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it is by 14.
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no injuries up at a suspicious- what houseparent i the l.a. kings are it stanley cup champions for the very first time. they want against new jersey devils in game no. 6. let's get a check on traffic. let's jump over to the bay bridge right now. if you are headed toward the bay bridge, a traffic is like.
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westbound 80 near paul street you will see the instructions in that area. not too much of a back up in that area. overall pretty light through their. it the the near nine in the, we'll not see too much traffic. here's a live look on conditions prepare. we are starting to see breaks whites at leverage. best pal connector it to us southbound 1 01, traffic is not
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too bad. some patchy fog has moved in along the coastline. cool temperatures are in the works. we get some '60s up in some of the valley. inside the bay you'll see some '70s and sunshine and. we are expecting some changes over the next few days. today may be the last day of hot temperatures. today, starting packed with a couple patches of fog coastline. some drizzle out toward the
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media coastline. will be 70 degrees in san jose. hot mid-90s inland by afternoon. 91 in sonoma. 71 degrees in san francisco. by friday we'll watch temperatures creeping up a little bit. temperatures will be back into the '90s. but that's a look at weather, back to you. they found dental plaque was associated with a 78% of death.
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it is 520 rainout, ted crew is disappointed. what apple is not ruling out just yet. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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temperatures are running
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mild, mostly cleared inland. more on that coming up. muni embarked affected, i will have details in just a few minutes. live pictures out of colorado. an eerie side rear. you could see all the smoke from high wild fire. so far is claimed more 4,000 a.. and one life. 18 and drove in to a flooded canal. within seconds he had to jump out and escape. but not all was lost, a local car dealer who heard about the team's misfortune caved the team a card for the tree. it looks like we will have to wait till lager for that
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couple tv or i phone 5. right now the company is focusing on upgrading its products. film crews were busy in los all those were the legendary pradesh where apple was born. the sister says that she is not sure that it the brother with like all the attention. disappointed onlookers bill to catch any of the actors acting. ashton pitcher is a plane jobs. and where swearing will cost you $20 fine. crews are investigating the
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discover britvisit:lumbia. dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. msome intense fame tearing through the roof of an east bay home. why officials are calling this suspicious. and if you're headed out the san francisco you may see some are delays. some developing news in the east bay this morning.
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contra costa and investigators are searching for what started a suspicious fire. this could of all started with a squatters. no one lived in the house behind me. it is all boarded that now. contra costa fire say this started right around 1230 this morning. they were mad with a lot of smoke and flames reaching up to 20 the 30 ft.. they believed it all started in the attic. police cut holes it to ventilate attic. the good news is that known within the house but still are calling it suspicious. including last night, the red tag the house. we believe someone broke in and caused the fire.
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police found a broken window in the back and that is why they believe squatters map caused this fire. although no one was hurt, please do not wanna see this trend continuing. again, squatters, they do not want that to be a continuing trend in this area. beginning next month the ease contra costa of fire department will close half of its departments due to a budget constraints. i think the most discouraging thing about the defeat was that the opponents did not play fair. they lied to the public. and we all know they lied to the
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public. it will be closed on back though i live, night with, and rep would. a bomb squad has been given the all clear after a search in san francisco. it was around columbus avenue and vallejo street. police say it all started after a woman had a psychiatric breakdown. the main concern was a possible explosive device. it was cleared say at 1:00 this morning. the urban strategy council says
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that last year just 20 percent of those crimes happened at the most violent 100 block. the morning. we are near shot it and center in berkeley prayed you could see many people that are sitting on the block. berkeley is council approve measures to clean up the city in 2007. but what the mayor wants to do goes a step closer. the mayor wants to close sitting on the sidewalk. the say homeless encampment to block the sidewalk and could be a nuisance.
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if there were to go any effect, the violators would be given to warnings and then it would then issue them a $50 fine. around the bay area it today, it looks like some changes are in the works. it will still be hot to inland. mostly clear skies are the bay except with it if you patches of fog it throughout the day
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coastline. 92 degrees in morgan hill. temperatures surging well into the '90s into the afternoon. this may be the last day of the '90s. 75 degrees in oakland. much cooler weather is on the way. let's check on the roads would do on that. part is recovering from 10 to 15 minutes delays. highway 4 is really loaded up more than usual. a caltran sleeper tried disabled. milpitas is looking good at the
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280 connector. back to the news desk. it is underneath intersection of fourth and branded street. pact will tell us exactly what's going on. good morning. it is going to be summer, fall, winter and spring. this is ground zero for this central subway project. it will face closures over the next seven years. this will be a staging of the beginning of the day. it will be the launch box for boarding machines.
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it will run from so much to chinatown. $8 million project. on the other side of north beach, some residents are quite upset because will go from four to two lanes from businesses there. but there are no plans for a station in north beach. testimony resumes in the sandusky's sexual abuse trial. one of his alleged did dictums spoke about their abuse he experience years ago.
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san francisco police are asking for help in finding a killer who was in the bay to breakers race. martin was taken off life- support, he had been on but i did they say the argument was over a cellphone. there is a court hearing today in the battle over kincaid's the state. kincaid died over a lethal level of alcohol in his home. his girlfriend and estranged wife are fighting over the state. contains girlfriend has produced a handwritten notes were kinkaid agreed to give the house and to million dollars. ramos claims that he drove the suspect's car but is not the shooter there is not a day that
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goes by that it is not, mind. if i could go back in time and change things, i would. supporters of the victim's family were also inside the courtroom. the defense team for ramos to plan to cut the bill. and step in a blizzard for 9 days and telling quite the story of survival. of su[ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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we cannot last and the week bling in this hot pool slowly starving but we made about. roquet. there were a step in a
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blizzard for 9 days per relaxed there was no big deal apparently for a couple of students in wisconsin. and a friend tipped off rescuers after she didn't hear from them for over a week. they survived by keeping warm near those hot springs anyone biscuit and a little bit of deli each day. nasdaq dropped 49 and there could be a turnaround to a star features are higher this morning. officials of sending a $125 package making it the fourth country to the bailout of some kind. the morning. houses
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of when to affect as? for some of we have big problems increase their bring on sunday there is going to be a second election there and the results could basically see the entire bailout become unraveled. if that happens greece has basically run out of money by the end of the year forcing it to default on its debt and there would probably leave the heroes on causing big problems and by extension u.s. banks let's talk about that a little bit more how's it going to affect the economy? if those banks to melt down we will fill the effects here is a global financial system and think about this car manufacturers to be heard because exports to europe would dry up. u.s. job creation and likely stall our economy would
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probably fall into recession. but pretty bad. it's amazing how one country can upset the applecart. did we to haul that affect us? did about this obviously we know of recession as bad for everyone. if the banking system freezes up it would be harder to get a loan for a house or car or business it also be a pretty major stock market meltdown. you can't control this year not went over and helped negotiate european debt crisis and you cannot yourself by taking control the of the best ways to keep six to 12 months of an emergency reserve fund trying to secure and locked down. of course many sure those retirement accounts are well diversified for more on european debt crisis and every other question you ever wanted to know go to money watch out, and
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you're free to ask these questions but i go back and promised he will understand that. i'm going back after the show to check it out. jurors will finally hear closing arguments, and sells the judge yesterday that he will not take the stand in his own defense he is on trial for allegedly lying to congress when he denied using steroids or 88. they'll go over 26 days of testimony which includes 46 witnesses. but this check on whether. will do that with mr. lawrence. change is coming. it looks like the changes they're going to come as early as today is vastly along the coast. mild conditions inland's it will still be hot in spots
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especially the interior of dollars will take another day or so before the marine air weight works its way on shore. eighties from the day that freezing the afternoon and '60s out for the coast with a mixture of sunshine and clouds so not as hot today but still running well above the average. that will usher in some much cooler air coming away. the camp on how to find this morning in the afternoon and that is the head and for the evening the five searches back on shore leave the venture is a lot to the coastline. with that in mind enjoy the sunshine. about 92 degrees in morgan hill 88 in milpitas about 82 degrees and breezy and he warned is the numbers in the hot sun in the '90s. has even said they will find 75 degrees in oakland to 89 petaluma and 90 degrees in the camp filled in next couple of days cool temperatures as a
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return to normal on wednesday and thursday. slowly warming up on friday this began to high pressure builds and. to comment. thank you laura ends a couple of five shots around the bay traffic conditions especially in his cash planes but still no leader in months just get over to 58680 we go we're seeing lots of volume was a promise he were to wait for the dublin and the change. is there to the altman pass. was found friday from the altar on passes you work your way towards the city again no accidents them that sinclair out of the way. community sure freeway but it the work roadwork has been cleared. the gods and the good
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and problems ... it was getting back up to speed. deadweight the court sfo. the rest chances still doing ok and what work is still in effect this morning in around that area not too far from their aunt self 11 s in a fight this until 6:00. elsewhere taking a look at conditions and tenor fell so far traffic is very life. a possible stalled truck but it didn't turn out to be too much the problem. not a bad writer del. as the mercury at marin county and san francisco but still only 13 minutes from friday to the golden gate bridge were still dillon of roadwork mature into a
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more valid looks like they have very close to be wrapped up by 6:00. no delays to report both directions looking good. was in her to find. prop up against a fence began his last month after two teens broke into the model home dimension belongs to former ukrainian prime minister paul lazar and come and led zeppelin cut cover band of seven california is singing the blues someone sold $35,000 worth of insurance in the gear from lead is up again now to the group pay show plays john redwood city to find their been broken into place since the burglary was plant because of the size and number of items stolen. hopefully i'll get that back.
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around the bay area today a lot of sunshine and cooler temperatures and the pollen counts still running in the modern category watch out for the grasses more on whether coming up. and much better news for mass transit users bart is back with a complete the traffic and a few minutes and a kentucky man that they attempted escape and assaults on the list of charges against him and tried to make a break for freedom the suspect is in a courtroom when the deputy went to another suspect in the holding cell they charge the door and knock down the deputy officers quickly stops at escape. and massachusetts town has passed a new law that aims to clean up the way people talk last night voters overwhelmingly approved a $20 fine for sparing in public
5:55 am
the town is actually having a lot is profanity since 1968 to but the new ordinance now allows police to issue citations similar to l.a. kings have capped off another season by winning the most historic trophy in all sports. the senate have championship to be the new jersey devils 6 to 1 in game 6 last night to the big when put a rare smile goes for several years of hearings as a thousands are expected to show up and down talent delay thursday the be the same team to new jersey so i guess it's the sharks turn now. to equate the golf tournament seven tesco. a little bit of
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golf tiger woods tees off at 17 this morning the pros and amateurs arrived four year-old casey martin and his golf carts or a dealer at caught club in preparation and 14 years you recall he sued the pga back in 1998 to for the rights at cards. he gets to planning practice rounds tiger today. it should be exciting to see its five to six right now a reason to hit the snooze button how to little sleep can be putting your risk of stroke. and the hot spot for san francisco tourists evacuated over a bomb square scare was found is that in our department when we come back. mai martinez work crews are investigating the cause of a house fire coming up will tell you why police say
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cockpit of a house fire in martinez will tell you why policemen squatters may be because. evacuations very servants is good tourist hot spot what the bomb squad was called up to north beach. but the means to our forecast coming up. and your commute starting to keep up the ladder top traffic trouble spots and a few minutes. good morning its tuesday june 12th i'm so greg go is nearly 6:00 and begin this hour with developing stores in the east bay and a suspicious fire burns a vacant house kid


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